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Head: [Warhelm of the Champion]
Neck: [Frigid Strength of Hodir]
Shoulder: [Conqueror's Aegis Shoulderplates]
Back: [Drape of the Faceless General]
Chest: [Conqueror's Aegis Battleplate]
Wrists: [Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress]
Hands: [Conqueror's Aegis Gauntlets]
Waists: [Belt of the Titans]
Legs: [Conqueror's Aegis Legplates]
Feets: [Battlelord's Plate Boots]
Ring1: [Sif's Promise]
Ring2: [Godbane Signet]
Trinket1: [Fury of the Five Flights]
Trinket2: [Darkmoon Card: Greatness]
Mainhand: [Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion]
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