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Weapon: Starshard Edge (Algalon)
Shield: Wisdom's Hold (Thorim)
Trinket 1: Illustration of the Dragon Soul (Sartharion)
Trinket 2: Flare of the Heavens (Vezax)
Head: T8 (Thorim)
Neck: Pendant of Fiery Havoc (Flame Leviathan)
Shoulder: T8 (Yogg)
Back: Pennant Cloak (Sartharion)
Chest: T8 (Hodir)
Wrist: Bindings of Winter Gale (Hodir)
Gloves: T8 (Mimiron)
Belt: Belt of the Fallen Wyrm (Razorscale)
Totem: Totem of Hex (Emblem of Valor)
Legs: Leggings of the Enslaved Idol (Freya)
Boots: Treads of the False Oracle (Yogg)
Ring 1: Nebula Band (Algalon)
Ring 2: Signet of Manifested Pain (Kel'thuzad)
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